Joe Serra, President of Serra Automotive, headquartered in Grand Blanc, MI, is honored and privileged to be a first-generation American-born citizen in the car business. Following in the footsteps of his Italian father, who bravely trekked to the U.S. to start a life of opportunity, Joe inherited the determination to expand the legacy of the Serra reputation in automotive sales. Joe’s affinity for cars is embedded in nostalgic sentiments of growing up as the fifth child of ten siblings, and he has yet to fall out of love with cars.

Growing up around his father’s dealership, Joe learned to value the sense of community they have cultivated with their customers since 1973. Serra Automotive dealerships in Colorado, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio and Tennessee have only come to fruition because of the proactive attitude Joe exudes, and his hard-working, innovative staff. A sincere pride envelops Joe when he sees good work done by his team members, and when watching those fellow employees excel at bringing their dreams to light.

Joe views a car-buying experience as an extension of personal expression, and makes sure this vision infiltrates every portion of the business done with Serra Automotive’s communities. He looks forward to the future of vehicle innovation, believing that the apex of the excitement of buying cars is yet to come.

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