Imagine if every day you were able to wake up, drive a new car, and travel the world to meet the auto industry’s most important people. For Ed Loh, Editor-in-Chief of Motor Trend Magazine, this is not a dream, but rather, his reality. He will be the first to admit that he is a car guy, but there are people he meets that take being a car guy to a whole other level, an enthusiast level. He also recognizes that his job is to lead a team to create content that serves car guys like himself, those aforementioned enthusiast, and the other people who linger on the fringes of the automotive world. When we asked him how he feels his job impacts the community as a whole, he explained, “If we can get more people excited and hopefully into cars, new or used, I think it’s good for everybody all the way down to the small towns that are home to manufacturing plants.”

behind the scenes

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