Brad Wood, General Manager and Partner at the Gerry Wood Dealership, holds a PhD – Pappa Has Dealership. Brad is proud of the legacy he inherited and believes that you express yourself through the car you drive. Adventure is in his DNA and his calling in life is to have fun and go fast. On any given weekend you can find him jumping off a building (on purpose) or pushing his car to 147 MPH on the race track.

Brad’s dad bought the dealership the day before his sister was born having never set foot in a dealership before. His dad was born in Great Britain, moved to Canada and earned his American citizenship. After meeting Brad, you will instantly feel the love and respect that he has for all that his father earned and passed on to him. He grew up around cars, and his first job was as a janitor at his dad’s dealership. He worked his way up to delivery and committed to the business in 1996.

Through the lessons his dad taught him, he has a respect for his employees and community that only comes from a good upbringing. He respects his 106 employees, shakes their hands daily and wants everyone to enjoy coming to work. The impact that a dealership has on a community is felt at the Gerry Wood Dealerships. Beyond employing residents, they are involved in numerous charities including the United Way and the Battered Women’s Shelter.

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