About #lovethecarbusiness
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#lovethecarbusiness is a collection of stories that proudly defy the notions many people have about the car business. Automobiles have evolved dramatically in the past generation; and so have the people who make, market, sell and service them. #lovethecarbusiness gives voice to auto industry leaders who improve the car business by helping others, bettering their communities and elevating the lives of the people who work for them and around them.

For those who really #lovethecarbusiness, they know that the industry is about more than just cars. There are wonderful people in the car business with countless stories of kindness, extraordinary moments of excellence, enormous contributions to communities and a significant contribution to our country’s economy. #lovethecarbusiness is the shared fiber that connects us as automotive professionals. More than just stories, it is a forum to communicate those intangible moments that define most clearly that ours is a noble vocation.